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at my wits end.... - Novacaine For The Soul

Aug. 10th, 2010

08:43 pm - at my wits end....

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I don't know how I got here. Well, let me modify this statement; I do know how I physically arrived at this point and the Grand Canyon sized ruts that I slowly clamored out of to arrive at this destination at this exact moment. I am also keenly aware of the less than spectacular choices that I've made along the way. I know that I have matured and that I make much better choices now, but the palpatations never cease.....
The stinging sensation behind my eyes, the feeling of sinking, when I spend too long turning it over in my head. I cannot shake it, I feel victimized by it. I feel betrayed. I am flanked by loneliness and anger, my usual companions.

Current Mood: crappycrappy
Current Music: Face in the crowd by Tom Petty